Fetish Fairy Tails 5

Fetish Fairy Tails 5 Studio : Starr Productions
run time : 59
released : 03/2007

Description : Who's afraid of the big bad Shewolf? Everyone in the fuckin' valley! She chains the farmer's daughter up, sucks her toes and spanks her to within an inch of her life! She binds, ball gags, and tapes Snout Boy to the rack and humiliates him with her whip, tit clamps, and tongue. Then she straddles poor Miss Piggles to the picnic table, beats her, cuts off her clothes, and seasons her with pork spice. Don't miss the bloody end to this epic Fetish Fairy Tail!

Category(s) : Adult Humor BDSM Big Tits Costumes Femdom Fetish Spanking

Starring in Fetish Fairy Tails 5