Kaitlyn Gender: Based On A Not So True Story

Kaitlyn Gender: Based On A Not So True Story Studio : Trans500 Studios
run time : 117
released : 09/2015

Description : The Journey of Kaitlyn Gender from star athlete to transgendered beauty has been an epic battle between society and her inner self. From the beginning Juice Gender (Duncan Black) has struggled with sexuality and once Juice has a open dialogue with Coach Ramon it all starts to unfold. Before transitioning Juice sits down with Diana Sword (Wendy Williams) for an exclusive interview about family, transitioning and the emotional support from Kimmie (Angelina Castro). Once the transition is complete Kaitlyn (Jonelle Brooks) begins her journey of sexual freedom and exploring. Whether she is taking advantage of the camera man (Toby Springs) or the hot one on one with Kimmie you can't help but want to worship her yourself. Kaitlyn doesn't get all the hot action as Coach Ramon gives Transsexual beauty Kylie Maria a pounding with his massive cock. Once all is done Kaitlyn delivers a ending solo toy masturbation scene that will surely make you a Kaitlyn Gender fan.

Category(s) : Feature High Definition Shemale Transsexual

Starring in Kaitlyn Gender: Based On A Not So True Story