Over Attached Daughter

Over Attached Daughter Studio : Taboo Heat
run time : 42
released : 01/2015

Description : Ashlynn just broke up with her boyfriend, and she begs her dad not to go to work. Ashlynn doesn't want to be alone right now. When her dad starts toward the door Ashlynn uses her body to stop him. She gives him a strip show slowly exposing her tight body. Pulling down his shorts she begins to suck on his hard cock. Dad wakes up from a nap to find his daughter watching him sleep. Ashlynn notices his hard cock just under the blankets. He tells her to leave and that this is not right but her hand finds his cock under the blankets and she strokes him. Ashlynn tells him to fuck her or she will tell mom. Riding on top of him, she realizes that fucking her dad is better than she could have hoped for. Cory is on the phone slowly working a vibrator into her pussy with soft moans. Ashlynn waits outside the door and listens as her mom has phone sex with another man. Then Ashlynn walks into the room and confronts her mom. Blackmailing her she makes her mom strip for her slowly as she sits on the edge of the bed. She makes her mom take off Ashlynn's shirt and play with her breasts. Then with a giggle she tells her mom to pull down Ashlynn's cute panties and lick her. She drives Cory's head into her crotch until she cums onto her mom's face. Now she has her right where she wants her. The mom dressed in lingerie walks into her bedroom and tells her husband that he is going to get a special treat. Cory starts by sucking her surprised husband's large cock. He closes his eyes and relaxes while Cory pleasures him. His daughter walks in also dressed in lingerie and takes over the sucking. When the father realizes what's happening it's too late and the daughter has him. Lost in lust he fucks his little girl while Cory watches. Bringing them both onto the bed, he has them kiss while he cums on Ashlynn's face.

Category(s) : Amateur Gonzo High Definition Taboo Teen

Starring in Over Attached Daughter